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SAPIENS GENETICS AND HEALTH SERVICES INC. has adopted the principle of adhering to the principle of independence, impartiality and confidentiality, and exhibiting good professional and technical practice without prejudice, adhering to scientific rules, while serving its stakeholders. In this context, with our laboratory infrastructure compatible with international norms and our experienced and competent team in the field of genetics; To provide accurate, precise, timely, consistent and reliable results by using methods in accordance with accepted scientific rules in line with the needs of patients, patient relatives, institutions, organizations and other stakeholders in order to provide genetic analysis services in accordance with national and international standards, To closely monitor the innovations in science and technology in our field of activity. To provide services as an innovative and leading organization in our field by following our company, To provide service by working without sacrificing scientific, conscientious and ethical principles, To be among the leading genetic centers in our field in the world, To provide analysis and medical service for diagnosis and treatment, to provide continuous education, information, measurement To aim to develop our quality and management system by making continuous improvement in quality management in accordance with TS EN ISO 15189 standard and to work in line with these targets.

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